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Support For Both Sellers And Buyers During Mergers And Acquisitions

We can assist any company, from a closely held family business to a major corporation, with its legal needs pertaining to mergers and acquisitions.

Representing Sellers

As the seller of a business, it is important that your assessments and representations are thorough and accurate. If you are unaware of potential defects or liabilities in your business, and therefore fail to disclose them, it could result in legal trouble in the future. At the same time, you want to make sure you are receiving a fair price for your business assets. Our painstaking approach to assessing business assets helps us protect the interests of sellers of businesses in Florida.

Representing Buyers

Buying a business does not come without significant risk. With experienced attorneys overseeing your transaction, however, you can limit risk to the greatest possible extent. If you are buying a business, you want to make sure you know everything you possibly can about its strengths, weaknesses and overall profitability. Once the sale is finalized, there are numerous details such as management structure and employment issues that must be carefully addressed.

Knowledgeable Guidance For A Complex Process

To arrange a legal consultation regarding a merger or acquisition in Florida, contact our Jacksonville law offices online or by telephone at 904-358-4000.