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Building Your Business On A Strong Foundation

The decisions you make while establishing your business will have a lasting effect. Failure to choose the right business entity or to establish sound governing documents will leave you vulnerable to many preventable risks and liabilities. Making wise decisions at the very outset of your business, however, can set you up for future success.

At Thames Markey, we provide experienced business formation guidance to businesses in Jacksonville and throughout Northeast Florida. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling business law matters and can provide you with the insight and advocacy you need to build your business on a firm legal foundation.

Selecting The Right Business Entity

The choice of business entity has an important and lasting effect on matters such as:

  • How your business is taxed
  • The leadership structure
  • How important decisions are made
  • Your exposure to personal liability

Our lawyers will work with you closely so they can help you select the business entity that best suits your needs and goals, whether it be a limited liability company (LLC), C corp, S corp or another formation.

We can provide you with guidance and insight throughout the life of your business, in transaction matters, potentially costly disputes, momentous mergers and acquisitions, and any other challenges or opportunities that arise.

Draw Upon Our Legal Knowledge

Our attorneys have helped numerous Florida businesses get off the ground and move on to a prosperous future. Our decades of experience help us to understand what decisions can be made early on that will spell success for a business moving forward. To learn how we can help you achieve your business goals, contact our Jacksonville law offices by telephone at 904-358-4000 or online by filling out a brief contact form.