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A Strong Advocate For Business Disputes In Florida

If your company is faced with a legal dispute or if potential litigation hovers on the horizon, the attorneys at Thames Markey in Jacksonville are here to protect your rights and interests. We have extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in complex business litigation throughout Florida.

Handling A Broad Range Of Litigation

Our attorneys are proven legal allies for small, midsize and large corporations facing legal disputes. We can represent you if you are engaged in any type of business litigation in Florida, including:

  • Disputes arising from the purchase and sale of businesses
  • Enforcement and defense of noncompete agreements
  • Loan foreclosures
  • Collection actions
  • Partnership disputes

Our approach to litigation is to position our clients for a successful resolution that is early and cost-effective. Our versatile practice allows us to explore a range of strategies, from aggressive negotiation to mediated settlements. When our clients’ interests are best protected by taking a case to trial, we are always prepared.

Avoid Costly Disputes With Careful Planning

We offer seasoned business law guidance to protect our clients from preventable disputes. By establishing sound contracts, policies and procedures, and handling transactions with care, it is often possible to resolve disputes at an early stage or avoid them altogether. Our goal is to spare our clients’ time, expense and worry through careful legal planning.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Business Litigation Attorney

We are here to provide you with the knowledgeable guidance you need to make informed decisions regarding business disputes. To learn more about the strong advocacy we offer Florida businesses, contact our law offices by telephone at 904-358-4000 or online by filling out a brief contact form.