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Three common franchise disputes to avoid

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Uncategorized |

Amid the dynamics of running a franchise business, conflicts and disagreements are bound to emerge, even in the sunny state of Florida. Divergent expectations and goals between franchisors and franchisees often fuel the fire of disputes. As the market evolves, so do the challenges, leading to disagreements over fresh ventures and operational shifts. Understanding these common disputes empowers both parties to steer clear of obstacles and safeguard their interests.

Untruthful claims

Untruthful claims are a common culprit behind disputes in the franchise realm. Picture this: A franchisor down a treacherous path that may lead to fraud charges. On the flip side, franchisees may get tangled in their own web of deceit by misrepresenting financial aspects like earnings, profitability, or fees. Such deception can land them in hot water, facing a lawsuit for breaching the contract. It becomes a delicate dance where facts and honesty hold the key to untangling the mess and finding a resolution.


Royalties, a vital cog in the franchise wheel, can sometimes spark heated conflicts during payment time. When either party strays from the contract’s outlined payment terms, a legal battle may loom on the horizon. To sidestep such disputes, a thorough grasp of the terms and expert guidance become paramount for both parties.

Marketing disagreements

Both franchisors and franchisees shoulder the responsibility of marketing costs. While the franchise oversees advertisements and branding, disagreements can sprout when franchisees feel dissatisfied with how their money fuels marketing campaigns. Clashes may arise from deeming strategies ineffective to believing they could do it better solo, even amid proven marketing success.

Preventing disputes

Honesty and transparency form the bedrock of harmonious franchise relationships. Crafting clear franchise agreements and honoring royalty terms bolster the path to success. If disputes arise, alternative dispute resolutions can help preserve the business bond while untangling misunderstandings. With these tools, franchise businesses can maintain fruitful partnerships and a successful reign for all parties involved.